Our Services

Regardless of the project, we take pride in doing a good job at a fair price and cleaning up after ourselves. When you hire us, your job will be done the way you want it done!

Site Development

Site preparation and road building are our specialties, with a large selection of equipment to meet every need. We excavate basements, install driveways, septic and drainage systems, retaining walls and ponds. If rock is an issue on your site, we have contacts for professional blasting. We haul gravel, pour concrete — pretty much anything you need done.

Road Maintenance

In addition to public roadwork, we maintain private gravel roads, driveways and drainage systems. Steep grades and severe weather are part of mountain life, and we have what it takes to keep the local roadways safe and useable.


Property Management

Pangle’s can help you keep your property secure, attractive and accessible all year-round. Our property management services include seasonal and annual maintenance programs to fit your needs.